About Us

Challenges Marketplace has been developed from our experience of supporting thousands of SMEs in developing markets over the last 15 years. We saw time and again that the most common problems stopping the correct external support and investment reaching SMEs in developing economies was high engagement costs, lack of reliable information and unaffordable support services.

We are looking to address this by launching a simple, low cost and transparent technology platform which will allow you to profile your company, chart your progress over time against UK Best Standard Practises and access the support and investment you need to grow. 


The Team



Eoghan Mackie

  • Challenges Marketplace Founder
  • CEO of wider Challenges Group
  • 15+ Years Private Sector Development Experience across 40 countries




Neil Fleming

  • Business Development Director
  • NGO & SME Board member across Intl Sectors
  • 8 years Investment Banking experience